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Vinícius Melo is a live and studio musician, arranger and producer. Graduated from CDMCC in Tatuí - SP (2006), worked as a music teacher at IGB Music School (affiliated with Souza Lima College & Berklee) in Franca - SP from 2009 to 2015. Attended several workshops and training courses hosted by musicians such as Egberto Gismonte, Hamilton de Holanda, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Filó Machado, Yamandú Costa, Laércio de Freitas, André Marques, Zé Barbeiro, Cléber Carrapicho, DuoFel, Daniel Maudonnet, Vitor Alcântara, Pedro Ramos, Ary Piassarollo, Douglas Fonseca, Zé Eduardo Nazário, Paulo Braga, Alexandre Cunha, Arthur Maia, among others. Recorded albums and DVDs alongside Arthur Maia, Chico Oliveira, Alexandre Cunha, Diego Figueiredo, Alex Reis, Alexandre Piu, Beto Sápio, Eduardo Machado and others. Worked as a sideman on cultural festivals, such as the Savassi Jazz Festival in 2009 - Belo Horizonte - MG, Femucic 2010 - Maringá - PR, Book Fair in 2011 and 2013 - Ribeirão Preto - SP, Book Fair 2013 - Franca - SP. In 2011, toured with a project funded by the Cultural Secretariat of the State of São Paulo - ProAC - "The History of the Brazilian Bass", from the proponent Eduardo Machado. Besides the authorial and cultural work experience, has always worked as a freelancer for different artists and groups on various events, such as wedding parties, proms, social ballrooms, pub gigs and Carnival's "Trios Elétricos".

In 2012, participated in an international tour that resulted in the recording of the album ''Eduardo Machado Quintet - Live in Birds Eye" in Basel, Switzerland, where theyreturned in 2014 and also toured Germany. Since 2016 Vini has been traveling as a sideman accompanying artists from all over the world such as Christine Andreas (USA), Jane Cho (AUS), Jonathan Johnston (IRL), Robin North (ENG), Vov Dylan (AUS), Michael Montgomery (AUS), Sally Jones (ENG), Ray Solaire (ENG), David Nevin (CAN), Camille Mesnard (FRA), Lukas Poost (USA), Alan Kavanagh (IRL), Craig Owen (ENG), Rob Lewis (ENG), The Opera Girls (ENG), Clare Langan (ENG), Dave Christian (ENG), Phillip Browne (ENG), Byron Johnston (USA), Gary Guthman (USA), David Howarth (ENG), Bernadett Nyari (HUN), Samantha Ivey (ENG), John Bowles (AUS), Francisco Yglesia (PAR), Gary Abuthnot (IRL), Alberto Sanchez (USA), Dominick Allen (SCO), Jeri Sager (USA), Stephen Clarke (SCO), Marien Meringolo (USA), Lovena B. Fox (CAN), Jamie Michael Stewart (ENG), Coleen Willianson (USA), Shirley Dominguez (URU), Mark Newsome (WAL), Doug Cameron (USA), Brenda Cochrane (SCO), Steve Stevens (ENG), Oli Nez (IRL), Martina Parenti (ITA), Hinsetzen Pause(GER), Michelle Murlin (USA), Chris Burke (USA) and most recently Mason Rack (AUS).

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